Office 365 Scoping Questions

The following are some possible questions that might be asked of a customer when scoping Office 365 Exchange Online.

  • What messaging platform is the customer wanting to migrate from?
  • Is the customer on premise environment Windows-based?
  • If Windows-based and Exchange on premise, is the customer environment physical, virtual or both?
  • If a virtual environment, are there sufficient resources to add an Exchange 2010 server?

If the customer environment is Windows-based…

  • What version of server OS are installed on the customer domain controllers (DC)?
  • How many users in AD?
  • When is that last time the customer performed a cleanup (or purge) of old/expired/stale accounts?
  • Does the customer have multiple AD forests?

If the customer environment has on premise Exchange…

  • What version of service pack is installed on the Exchange servers (if applicable)?
  • How many Exchange servers are installed?
  • Does the customer have multiple Exchange organizations (this is not the same as email domains)
  • Does the customer plan on maintaining mailboxes on premise?
  • When was the last time there was a full and successful back of the Exchange environment?
  • Are there appliances or applications that email through Exchange?
  • Are there PST files that need to be migrated into the O365 mailboxes?
  • What service/appliance is used for mail filtering, if any?

Irrespective of customer domain…

  • How many mailboxes and mail data will need to be migrated?
  • What versions of Office are installed in the environment?
  • If version of Office is older than 2003, is the customer planning to deploy the version of Office provided with the Office 365 plan they chose (if applicable)?
  • What versions of client OS are installed on the workstations/laptops?
  • Would the customer like our assistance with deploying Office to their client machines?
  • Does the customer use smart devices to access email, and if so, what types of devices?
  • Does the customer use BlackBerry devices to access email?
  • Are there any BlackBerry servers on premise and will they need to be maintained?


Todd (@oddytee)

One thought on “Office 365 Scoping Questions

  1. Great list Todd, I’d add a few questions around requirements to this.

    Will it be big bang or phased?
    Does the customer need Single sign on, MFA, ADFS client access policies?
    Do they have any load balancing capabilities?
    Are they already using any IaaS platforms

    etc etc

    Do you have a similar list for Azure data centre migration projects?

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