Requirements for AADSync

Updated on 28 August 2015

IMPORTANT: AAD Connect has replaced AADSync and DirSync. Reference: Azure Active Directory Sync

AADSync Replaced


NOTE: On 16 April 2015, the latest version of AADSync was released, and is available here to download here.

NOTE: As of 11 December 2014, Active Directory Synchronization Services (AADSync) can now replace DirSync for synchronizing on premise Active Directory users and groups to Office 365. Though DirSync is deprecated it is still available to download via the Office 365 Admin Center; please do not use it.

NOTE: As of 27 October 2014, password synchronization is available with AADSync version 1.0.0470.1023 (refer to AAD Sync Version Release History). As of 11 December 2014, password write-back is generally available (announcement here).

Review the AADSync server requirements here and here.

Server Requirements

  • Windows 2008 or newer; The machine must be 64-bit OS and can be installed on a stand-alone, member server or domain controller (DC), however, it is not recommended to be installed on a DC. Windows 2012 R2 domain-joined server is recommended.
  • Currently, there are no documented memory requirements I have found but, as with DirSync, recommend a minimum of 4GB RAM.
  • Currently, there are no documented disk space requirements but I have seen the possibility AADSync (which includes SQL Express and FIM) requires 300+ GB.
  • SQL Express (installed by default with AADSync) for 100,000 objects. It is noted that “different versions of SQL Server” can be used.

Software Prerequisites

Other Requirements

  • Local administrator privileges to install AADSync
  • Office 365 user with the Global Administrator role assigned
  • Active Directory user with read permissions that will be used for the Microsoft Azure AD Sync service

NOTE: As of 16 December 2014, AADSync is the most current version (49.4 MB; 50,686 KB).

AADSync Version 1.0.0470.1023

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