Force Sync to Office 365 with AADSync

Updated on 28 August 2015

IMPORTANT: AAD Connect has replaced AADSync and DirSync. Reference: Azure Active Directory Sync

AADSync Replaced


There will be occasion when a change in the on premise Active Directory needs to be forcibly replicated to your Office 365 account. Maybe it is for a new user or a change in a user attribute. In any case, the standard scheduled sync occurs every 3 hours. However, we have been given the tools to synchronize those changes on our terms.

The way we manually perform a sync has changed, again, with AADSync. Forget everything you’ve learned and performed previously; and I suppose we shouldn’t get too comfortable with the new process either given the track record of change.

There are two methods to force synchronization to Office 365 with AADSync.

In one method, we access the Task Scheduler (from the AADSync server) and manually start (run) the Azure AD Sync Scheduler scheduled task.

The other method is outlined in this article by Henrik Walther. Basically, in an elevated PowerShell console on the AADSync server, we will run DirectorySyncClientCmd.exe from the “C:\Program Files\Microsoft Azure AD Sync\Bin” directory.

Again, these methods vary from what was available with forcing syncs with DirSync. So don’t get comfortable with these two methods as they will undoubtedly change down the road.

Good luck and have fun!

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