DirSync Error: no-start-connection

Updated on 28 August 2015

IMPORTANT: AAD Connect has replaced AADSync and DirSync. Reference: Azure Active Directory Sync

AADSync Replaced


An error was discover in the FIM 2010 R2 Synchronization Service Manager after DirSync failed to synchronize account changes to Office 365. The error occurred with the Active Directory Connector with a status of “no-start-connection“. It was stated the error begin without provocation. Other status error occurred with the Active Directory Connector as well, including “no-start-ma“.

In this situation, DirSync v1.0.7020.000 is hosted on a Windows 2008 R2 (with SP1) server with 8 GB RAM.

Troubleshooting commenced…

  • No new Windows Updates were installed
  • All services are running
  • Customer tried to reset the AD credentials on the Active Directory Connector
  • Also confirmed we were logged on to the server with the account that DirSync was installed with
  • The server was recently restarted
  • Re-ran DirSync Config Wizard but wizard states the server is not domain joined but it is domain joined
  • Confirmed Windows Firewall is disabled
  • Checked IP settings; Secondary DNS server was invalid
  • Checked ADUC to see if server is present and active
  • Checked DNS to confirm records for server are present

During troubleshooting, we powered off the server and about 10 minutes later powered it back on. After the restart, the DirSync Config Wizard was re-run but again received an error but this time it was the UAC and not because the server wasn’t domain joined. This is the error…

Access to the registry key 'HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\MSOLCoExistence' is denied.

I checked and confirmed we were logged into the server with the domain account that DirSync was installed with and that the account had local admin and domain admin privileges.

The DirSync Config Wizard was run again “as administrator” and completed the wizard without further issue.

Finally, the MIIS client (FIM 2010 R2) was reviewed for synchronization progress. All synchronization tasks completed without error or issue; and we confirmed the on premise account changes (made the day prior) were now present in the Office 365.


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