AADSync Version History

Updated on 28 August 2015

IMPORTANT: AAD Connect has replaced AADSync and DirSync. Reference: Azure Active Directory Sync

AADSync Replaced


NOTE: On 2 May 2015, the latest version of AADSync was released, and is available here to download here.

Microsoft last updated the AAD Sync Version Release History page on 19 May.

AADSync Product Version Release Date Filename Size MB Size KB
1.0.0494.0501 2-May-2015 MicrosoftAzureADConnectionTool.exe 49.6 50,864
1.0.0491.0413 16-Apr-2015 MicrosoftAzureADConnectionTool.exe 49.6 50,751
1.0.0485.0222 23-Feb-2015 MicrosoftAzureADConnectionTool.exe 49.6 50,744
1.0.0475.1202 16-Dec-2014 MicrosoftAzureADConnectionTool.exe 49.4 50,686
1.0.0470.1023 27-Oct-2014 MicrosoftAzureADConnectionTool.exe 49.4 50,632
1.0.0419.0911, General Availability 15-Sep-2014 MicrosoftAzureADConnectionTool.exe 49.0 50,233

AADSync 1.0.0494.0501

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