Add or Upgrade an Exchange 2013 Product Key

Updated 16 March 2015

For Exchange Server 2013, the following is an example of the command used in the Exchange Management Shell (EMS) to enter a product key, or to upgrade from the Standard version to Enterprise version.

NOTE: Enter the name of your Exchange server in place of “EXCHANGE1” and your assigned product key.

This command is to apply the product key for a single Exchange server…

Set-ExchangeServer -Identity EXCHANGE1 -ProductKey ABCDE-FGHIJ-KLMNO-PQRST-UVWXY

To apply the same product key to all Exchange servers in the environment, run this command…

Get-ExchangeServer | Set-ExchangeServer -ProductKey ABCDE-FGHIJ-KLMNO-PQRST-UVWXY

To complete entering the product key, the Exchange Information Store service must be restarted on each Exchange server.  Restarting the service can be performed in a couple of ways: 1) Via the Services applet, 2) via EMS when logged on to each server, or 3) via EMS on one server remotely to another server.

Use the following command in the EMS on each server in which the product key has been added or upgraded…

Restart-Service -ServiceName "Microsoft Exchange Information Store"

Or, run this command in EMS from one Exchange server by changing the name of the computer being targeted…

Get-Service -Name "Microsoft Exchange Information Store" -ComputerName EXCHANGE1 | Restart-Service



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