Exchange 2013 Management Issue – Unsupported Target Database Version

From the case of the unexplained, today was odd…

This project I’m working on is basically a migration from on premise Exchange to Office 365; the source server is Exchange 2010 SP3 UR11 and the hybrid server is Exchange 2013 CU11.

Yesterday, I installed and configured Exchange 2013 without issue and moved a mailbox from 2010 to the new server via the EAC.

However, today, I couldn’t move any mailboxes outside of the EAC. While attempting to move a mailbox to 2013 via the management shell the following error came up.

Unsupported target database version. The New-MoveRequest cmdlet can only move mailboxes to databases mounted on servers running one of the following versions of Exchange: Exchange 2010, Exchange 2007 (SP2 and later), Exchange 2003 (SP2 and later).


Attempts to run ‘Get-ExchangeServer’ from Exchange 2013 only displayed the Exchange 2010 server information; as well as other really strange anomalies. The thing that got me is that I couldn’t find anything that hinted at resolving the error.

As it turns out, the account the customer provided had some funky permissions configured that I was not about to troubleshoot or unwind

The resolution was fairly simple. I created a new AD account with Domain Admins, Enterprise Admins, Schema Admins, and Organization Management, logged into the Exchange 2013 server with the new account and was able to resume normal management functions.


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