Add Contacts to Office 365 in Bulk with PowerShell

I had a project recently where we were migrating from hosted Exchange to Office 365. We implemented AAD Connect to sync Active Directory (AD) user objects for the user mailboxes that where being migrated. However, we manually created shared and resource mailboxes, groups, and contacts in O365 as those were not going to be created in AD for synchronization.

For this article, we will add contacts to Office 365 in bulk with PowerShell using a CSV file.

The command we will use for this task is New-MailContact. Since New-MailContact only requires the Name and ExternalEmailAddress parameters, we will create our CSV file similar to the following (MyO365Contacts.csv) which I saved in the C:\Scripts directory.

Add Contacts 2


Now that we have our CSV file set, we need to connect to Office 365 with PowerShell.

Once connected to the O365 tenant, we will run the following script (Create-MyO365Contacts.ps1) to add the list of contacts from the CSV file…

Import-Csv "C:\Scripts\MyO365Contacts.csv" | foreach-object { New-MailContact -Name $_.MyName -ExternalEmailAddress $_.MyPrimaryEmail }


While processing the script, each contact is confirmed when added successfully.

Add Contacts 3


Finally, we confirm the contacts have been added successfully by checking the O365 admin and Exchange admin centers.

Add Contacts 4


Add Contacts 5




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