List of Exchange Server 2013 Services Installed

The following is the list of services installed by default for an Exchange 2013 server (mailbox and client access roles) and the startup type for each.


1 Microsoft Exchange Active Directory Topology Automatic
2 Microsoft Exchange Anti-spam Update Automatic
3 Microsoft Exchange DAG Management Automatic
4 Microsoft Exchange Diagnostics Automatic
5 Microsoft Exchange EdgeSync Automatic
6 Microsoft Exchange Frontend Transport Automatic
7 Microsoft Exchange Health Manager Automatic
8 Microsoft Exchange IMAP4 Manual
9 Microsoft Exchange IMAP4 Backend Manual
10 Microsoft Exchange Information Store Automatic
11 Microsoft Exchange Mailbox Assistants Automatic
12 Microsoft Exchange Mailbox Replication Automatic
13 Microsoft Exchange Mailbox Transport Delivery Automatic
14 Microsoft Exchange Mailbox Transport Submission Automatic
15 Microsoft Exchange POP3 Manual
16 Microsoft Exchange POP3 Backend Manual
17 Microsoft Exchange Replication Automatic
18 Microsoft Exchange RPC Client Access Automatic
19 Microsoft Exchange Search Automatic
20 Microsoft Exchange Search Host Controller Automatic
21 Microsoft Exchange Server Extension for Windows Server Backup Manual
22 Microsoft Exchange Service Host Automatic
23 Microsoft Exchange Throttling Automatic
24 Microsoft Exchange Transport Automatic
25 Microsoft Exchange Transport Log Search Automatic
26 Microsoft Exchange Unified Messaging Automatic
27 Microsoft Exchange Unified Messaging Call Router Automatic


IMPORTANT: During a update of an Exchange server, the update may not complete successfully and the startup type for each of the services may be set to ‘Disabled’.  Please refer to the following article as a possible fix … “‘Cannot start service MSExchangeServiceHost on computer’ During Exchange CU Update“.

2 thoughts on “List of Exchange Server 2013 Services Installed

  1. Hi,

    Thank you for this post. Installation of Security Update For Exchange Server 2013 CU18 (KB4045655) failed on my server (Windows Server 2012 R2 running on a replicated VM) with some weird error 1603. I had already installed cu18, but regardless, when it failed every service it had disabled remained disabled. I used you list and it ALMOST got me back up and running. There are three other services that Exchange Server 2013 requires (probably 2016 too and maybe 2010/2007?). Those services are:

    World Wide Web Publishing Service (Automatic) – many things require this
    Windows Management Instrumentation (Automatic) – the Filtering Management Service requires this
    Microsoft Filtering Management Service (Automatic) – the Transport Service requires this

    Thank you again for this information.

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