AD Attributes Changed When an On-Premises User Mailbox is Moved to EXO

The following is a list of attributes I tracked that change for an AD user when their associated mailbox is moved (via hybrid) to Exchange Online…

  • homeMDB
  • legacyExchangeDN
  • mDBUseDefaults
  • mS-DS-ConsistencyGuid
  • msDS-ExternalDirectoryObjectId
  • msExchCalendarLoggingQuota
  • msExchELCMailboxFlags
  • msExchHomeServerName
  • msExchMailboxSecurityDescriptor
  • msExchRBACPolicyLink
  • msExchRecipientDisplayType
  • msExchRecipientTypeDetails
  • msExchRemoteRecipientType
  • msExchUserCulture
  • proxyAddresses
  • targetAddress
  • uSNChanged

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