As I am working toward decommissioning Exchange 2010, someone who has a mailbox in Exchange Online (EXO) was having an issue with staying connected to an on premises shared mailbox using Outlook. I proposed moving it to EXO to address the issue.

While onboarding the mailbox to EXO, the move gave me an error that I had not seen previously.

Error: The job encountered too many transient failures (61) and is quitting. The most common failure is StoragePermanentException/MapiExceptionTooComplex with the hit count 60. --> Cannot query rows in a table. --> MapiExceptionTooComplex: Unable to query table rows.

Multiple attempts with creating a new batch resulted in the same error (above) in the Exchange Admin Center (EAC) and PowerShell (below). The PercentComplete never progressed beyond ’10’ and the StatusDetail always concluded with ‘FailedMAPI’.

Error from EXO PowerShell

On premises, I moved the mailbox to another database on another server and then made another attempt to move to EXO — which, again, ended with the same error.

I contacted EXO support which had me make a couple more attempts at the move while they ran some background diagnostics they could review.

After about a week of radio silence from support, they stated the error (“MapiExceptionTooComplex with the hit count 60”) might have to do with a folder hierarchy issue within the mailbox.

A couple of days later received a response to update the existing batch (with the command below) and resume the move. Support stated the reason for the error was “because a search folder on board [does] not fit into the store“.

NOTE: The command I was asked to run has a parameter that has been deprecated.

Set-MoveRequest -Identity "mailbox" -SkipMoving:FolderRestrictions
Set-MoveRequest SkipMoving parameter

IMPORTANT: This parameter can only be provided from support with the appropriate input type (i.e. FolderRestrictions) based on the error received during the move.

Anyway, from EXO PowerShell, I updated the existing move request (with the command below), resumed the move, and proceeded to monitor the batch.

Get-MoveRequest -Identity "mailbox" | Set-MoveRequest -SkipMoving:FolderRestrictions

After about 60 minutes, the same StatusDetail of ‘FailedMAPI’ occurred but the details of the batch in the EAC was not showing any error. However, it only showed 3 MB of data migrated of ~5 GB of mail data.

After about 90 minutes since issuing the ‘SkipMoving:FolderRestrictions’ command, I finally saw a positive result.


The move did finally complete with success, and the owner was able to access the shared mailbox without further connectivity issues.



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