Clear Event Logs with PowerShell

Ever needed to clear all events from each of the 1100+ Event Viewer logs on a Windows workstation? From an elevated PowerShell console, run the following script to clear the event logs in Event Viewer… wevtutil el | Foreach-Object {wevtutil cl “$_”}   Good luck.

AD Attributes Changed When an On-Premises User Mailbox is Moved to EXO

The following is a list of attributes I tracked that change for an AD user when their associated mailbox is moved (via hybrid) to Exchange Online… homeMDB legacyExchangeDN mDBUseDefaults mS-DS-ConsistencyGuid msDS-ExternalDirectoryObjectId msExchCalendarLoggingQuota msExchELCMailboxFlags msExchHomeServerName msExchMailboxSecurityDescriptor msExchRBACPolicyLink msExchRecipientDisplayType msExchRecipientTypeDetails msExchRemoteRecipientType msExchUserCulture proxyAddresses targetAddress uSNChanged Reference(s)… Report Comment