As I am working toward decommissioning Exchange 2010, someone who has a mailbox in Exchange Online (EXO) was having an issue with staying connected to an on premises shared mailbox using Outlook. I proposed moving it to EXO to address the issue. While onboarding the mailbox to EXO, the move gave me an error that…

AD Attributes Changed When an On-Premises User Mailbox is Moved to EXO

The following is a list of attributes I tracked that change for an AD user when their associated mailbox is moved (via hybrid) to Exchange Online… homeMDB legacyExchangeDN mDBUseDefaults mS-DS-ConsistencyGuid msDS-ExternalDirectoryObjectId msExchCalendarLoggingQuota msExchELCMailboxFlags msExchHomeServerName msExchMailboxSecurityDescriptor msExchRBACPolicyLink msExchRecipientDisplayType msExchRecipientTypeDetails msExchRemoteRecipientType msExchUserCulture proxyAddresses targetAddress uSNChanged Reference(s)… Report Comment

References: Office 365 Backup Options

Below are some vendors that provide Exchange Online backups along with some additional references to guide you to the right decision for your needs…   And the additional references… If there is a backup option that you use with Office 365, let me know your experience.

Add Mailbox Users to Distribution Lists with PowerShell

To add an individual mailbox user to a distribution group in PowerShell that has an owner already assigned, the command will look similar to this… Add-DistributionGroupMember -Identity “DISTRIBUTION_GROUP_NAME” -Member “USER_ALIAS” -BypassSecurityGroupManagerCheck   To add multiple mailbox users to multiple distribution groups, we need to make a CSV file (C:\DistroMembers.csv for this example). The CSV file should…