AD Attributes Changed When an On-Premises User Mailbox is Moved to EXO

The following is a list of attributes I tracked that change for an AD user when their associated mailbox is moved (via hybrid) to Exchange Online… homeMDB legacyExchangeDN mDBUseDefaults mS-DS-ConsistencyGuid msDS-ExternalDirectoryObjectId msExchCalendarLoggingQuota msExchELCMailboxFlags msExchHomeServerName msExchMailboxSecurityDescriptor msExchRBACPolicyLink msExchRecipientDisplayType msExchRecipientTypeDetails msExchRemoteRecipientType msExchUserCulture proxyAddresses targetAddress uSNChanged Reference(s)… Report Comment

Exchange Hybrid Product Key Distribution Issue

Be advised of the following issue you may experience when working to migrate from on premises Exchange environment to Exchange Online and are planning to build an Exchange 2013 or 2016 server for the hybrid configuration. I had an experience very recently during a customer project where several attempts were made to acquire an Exchange hybrid product key and…