Decommission or Maintain Exchange Hybrid? It Depends

Here are some links following-up on questions I receive almost daily about what can and cannot be managed from on premise once the last Exchange server (i.e. Exchange Hybrid) is removed and directory sync is maintained. I was unable to find a comprehensive list but the info can be extrapolated from each.


In most every case, if there is an existing on premise Exchange environment, I strongly recommend maintaining it when configured for hybrid with Office 365 specifically for SMTP relay needs if appliances and applications are still sending notifications (no need to replace the existing one for IIS), and management of email-based attributes from in a single location rather than in two locations.

These three articles (added 15 Dec 2015) have convinced me there is no easy way to say it other than you’ll need an on premise Exchange server for now if you want to maintain Microsoft integrated sign in options with O365.


Lastly, this video from Ignite (beginning at 1.08.06) gives a concise explanation of the options and consequences of removing all on premise Exchange servers. The image below is a slide from that session.

Decommission On Premise Exchange


Anyway, the decision is up to you, so please, educate yourself before making a final decision.

Good luck and have fun!


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Updated on 16 March 2016

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